Alice Tang, London, England, UK

Alice Tang

London, England


Hello, hopefully you've found the right Alice Tang. I was born in Surrey, England and part of Hong Kong's Tang Clan. I'm a digital knowledge specialist and lead a national library. My interests include art, film and travel. 

I've visited over 55 countries, dependencies and territories across six continents so far and I love comparing travel bucket lists with others. I achieved my goal to visit 40 countries before 40 - where I visited 25 countries in five years; lots of fun and amazing memories. I've visited six of the new seven wonders of the world but I'm not bothered about visiting Rio's as I don't think it deserved to win!

I also love to visit UNESCO sites - Rapa Nui National Park (Easter Island) is still my favourite - so mysterious and remote. My favourite country is Namibia - I loved Etosha, Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei and group dishwashing in the Namib Desert on my 40th! Other happy memories include trekking the Inca Trail in the rain to Machu Picchu and not washing for four days; visiting the amazing temples of Angkor; floating on the Dead Sea; skidooing across a glacier; and seeing the fabulous Northern Lights. Recently I visited Bhutan; such a beautifully spiritual place where life is intwined with nature. I'd hoped that the landing in Paro would be more terrifying given that it's the most dangerous airport in the world but the plane just tilted a bit. It wasn't like Hong Kong's Kai Tak - great memroies too.



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