Alice Tang, London, England, UK

Alice Tang

London, England


Hello, hopefully you've found the right Alice Tang. I was born in England and my parents are from Hong Kong, [Tang Clan]. My interests include art, film and travel. 

I've visited over 50 countries across six continents so far and I love comparing travel bucket lists with others! I achieved my goal to visit 40 countries before 40 - lots of fun as I visited 25 countries in five years.

I also love to visit UNESCO sites - Rapa Nui National Park (Easter Island) is still my favourite - so mysterious and remote. My favourite country is Namibia - visiting Dead Vlei was amazing. Other highlights include travelling across Vietnam; visiting the temples of Angkor; floating on the Dead Sea; skidooing across a glacier; and seeing the Northern Lights. I've visited six of the seven new wonders of the world so far.



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